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There is a call to reevaluate the way products are created and consumed, update the concepts of sustainability and take the practice of circular economy to companies.

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Existe um chamado para reavaliar a maneira como os produtos são criados e consumidos, atualizar os conceitos de sustentabilidade e levar a prática da economia circular às empresas.

The report FASHION THREADS: Systemic Perspectives for Circularity was released in February, 2021, and consolidates Modefica’s 6-year journey in the textile and clothing sector, especially our work of research and news reports regarding socio-environmental issues with raw materials used in the fashion industry in general, and the clothing industry specifically.

All the data from the Fashion Threads report was analysed and contextualised using intersectionality as an analysis tool. The use of intersectionality as a critical analytical tool is connected to the ethos of social justice and, therefore, the material led to greater understanding of the relationships between social, environmental, and social justice issues involved in the production of textile fibres

Publicising the report took into consideration specific challenges to reach the expected results, namely: i. how to make a long scientific report accessible to audiences with different interests? ii. how to turn the report into practical methodology? In other words, how to encourage intersectional critical praxis based on the theoretical knowledge brought to light by the material? and iii. how to encourage the use of the report as an advocacy tool?

Main discoveries

  • 1.

    While a 500-hectare farm practising family farming offers about 200 job opportunities, eucalyptus farming offers only three

  • 2.

    The equivalent of about 16 trucks of textile waste is sent to landfills every day, collected in the Brás region in São Paulo;

  • 3.

    47.1% of surveyed fashion users say sustainability is "very important" for their purchase decisions.

  • Who made it

    carried out by

    Modefica is a non-profit media and research organization that works for socio-environmental and climate justice through an ecofeminist perspective. We understand that we are living in an environmental and climate emergency - and that the consequences of environmental destruction might have deep impacts in the fight for social justice, large ruptures in democratic social processes, and reach specific vulnerable groups more severely , such as women and people who are not white. We seek to make journalism and research tools of transformation, collaborating with social causes and helping to build a narrative that holds public and private authorities accountable.

    institutions involved

    The Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGVces), from the São Paulo School of Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP) is a space for study, learning, reflection, innovation, and knowledge production, composed of people with multidisciplinary training, committed, and with a genuine desire to transform a society. FGVces works to develop strategies,

    policies and both public and corporate management tools for sustainability locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Programs are oriented by four lines of action: (i) formal and informal education; (ii) research and knowledge production; (iii) articulation and exchange ; (iv) mobilization and communication.

    Regenerate Fashion LLC is a consulting agency that supports fashion companies and textile manufacturers to integrate sustainable practices. Its main areas of work include sustainability assessment, creation of product and business strategies, training, and capacity building, besides assessment of low-impact textiles.  The consultancy uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from the UN as guiding principles to offer an wholesome approach in its services, and has showcased in main fashion events such as NEONYT, Copenhagen Youth Fashion Summit, Textile Exchange Conference, among others.


    Laudes Foundation is an independent foundation created in response to the urgent global demand to accelerate the transition to a global economy that is positive to the climate and social inclusive. To address the crisis of the climate collapse, Laudes supports actions that inspire and challenge the industry to use its power to do good. As part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise, it is based on the learning of 6 generations in the areas of entrepreneurship and private social investment. Laudes Foundation continues part of the work developed by C&A Institute and keeps on working collaboratively to influence the flows of financial capital and transform the fashion and civil construction industries.


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