Transforming information into action: with this goal in mind, we have created a practical tool to collaborate with decision-making processes oriented by sustainability.

Designed as a deck of cards, the tool desemBARALHO, a deck of cards to promote circularity, aims to collaborate and encourage systemic thinking in companies, as well as decision making processes oriented by sustainability and circularity. This tool was designed to serve as a an aid in decision making processes in textile, clothing, and retail industries; people that work with sustainability, product design in general, and teachers.

This tool can not only be used both in online and face-to-face workshops, but it i also free and opensource - which means we will update the material yearly with inputs from users to improve both the content and the methodology.


Think systemically

Being a specialist is great, but any specialist needs to acknowledge that no action is disconnected from others and each decision made impacts the whole production chain and society. The desemBARALHO deck of cards seeks to encourage systemic thinking, acknowledging that all parts are intertwined and interact in a complex way. Here is the true meaning of thinking outside the box.


implement traceability and transparency

Transparency is a buzzword, but one cannot be transparent if not even the own brand really knows its own production chain. Find out where to start untangling that yarn with the desemBARALHO deck of cards. Transparency must be the result of this nonstop work of understanding, getting to know, improve, and communicate.


Understand how to provide data and establish goals

We know one of the main challenges companies face is providing their own data and gather information about their production process, as well as establishing goals and elaborating a systematic plan of improvements. By instigating observation of all steps of the production process, including the production of raw materials, the desemBARALHO deck of cards will act as a compass, leading our attention to the right places. With information at hand, understanding key aspects on which you need to act becomes way easier.


Engage the team in creative solutions

You don't need to use all the cards at once, which means you don$t have to bring all the departaments of your company together for one single group dynamic. However, gathering as many people from different departments is essential to a successful learning experience. We recognize that gathering large teams to work together is challenging, but, to create truly effective and impactful solutions, we must decompartmentalize conversation and action. The desemBARALHO deck of cards will help with the process.


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Here is a list of all the changes made to the desemBARALHO deck of cards. Starting with version 1.0, which is the initial version released.

  • Versão 1.0.1 - 01 de September, 2021

  • ADD: Digital Cards
  • ADD: Framework guidelines
  • ADD: Print version
  • ADD: Print guidelines
  • CHANGE: Structure of steps
  • CHANGE: Cards categories
  • FIX: Several text corrections
  • Beta 1.0

  • First release

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