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The Fashion Threads report is a tool for a diverse audience interested in understanding (and working towards addressing) socioenvironmental issues in Brazil. We would like this tool to reach more people each day, but we know promoting science is not an easy task. Thinking of ways to establish a connection with as many people as possible, we have resorted to music. The song Fios da Moda (Fashion Threads) was written by the singer and composer Carol Naine, whose musical repertoire stands out for combining music and social criticism.


O Fio da Moda

translated lyrics

Behind all history, all prose
There is a thread, a fiber, a filament, a string
There is the thread, a leads the mark where it is cut,
The stream that aligns all the threads
of cotton, viscose or polyester.

The thread becomes a peace and weaveing takes place
in the transport taking products to the store.
The stream that aligns all the fashion threads...

In this cultivated country
In this produced country
In this stitched country
In this consumed country

And wasted...
If left aside
Will end in the trash
Instead of recycled
And wasted... 
If super-produced,
Goes straight from inventory
To the garbade can.

Behind every story, of every fashion style
there is the family seamstress.
And the blogger with the look of the day,
that looks more like look of the hour.
That in Brazil the fashion is vogue
And the word vogue is fashion

In this cultivated country
In this produced country
In this stitched country
In this consumed country

The world is rounded
The pact is circular
The environment appreciates
And future generations
will be able to walk…
…in this preserved country

In this known country
For being a tuned country
And yet a productive country.

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