Continuing the efforts of the research Fashion Threads, with this new report we aim to understand the environmental and social trade-offs involved in hemp manufacturing around the world, taking into consideration the specificities of Brazil and Latin America.


What is 

Hemp is a species of Cannabis Sativa that contains less than 0,3% THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the plant’s main psychoactive constituent. In sum, hemp is any species of Cannabis Sativa with less than 0,3% THC and is used in the making of nutritional supplements, such as CBD oils, textile products, and biodiesel.  


The mini report

“Swapping cotton for hemp can promote signifcant decline in the use of herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides in general”.

Alternative Fibres: Hemp is a research document focused on life cycle assessments and comparative studies on textile hemp, that also points out why hemp is not inherently sustainable. By considering the current manufacturing conditions and possibilities to expand production as Cannabis is possibly legalised, the authors show that, although hemp possesses features of sustainability, a sustainable way to produce it needs to be implemented. This includes not only updating technologies for manufacturing and processing, but also an agroecological and low-carbon manufacturing rationale.

The material presents an introduction by Fernanda Simon, Executive Director at Fashion Revolution Brazil and an afterword by Eduarda Bastian, President at the textile comitee at the Brazilian National Hemp Association.


Unlike the report Fashion Threads: Systemic Perspectives for Circularity, the project Alternative Fibres has not received external funding yet. For that reason, the material is available for free for people who support Modefica recurringly and for an affordable price for people outside of our circle of support.

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