2021 report

Systemic Perspective for Circularity

Perspectiva Sistêmica Para Circularidade


There is a call to reevaluate the way products are created and consumed, to update the concepts of sustainability, and take the practice of circular economy to companies.

The future of fashion is ancestral, without excesses, and circular. Test your knowledge on the topic and find out what you can do differently.

What is

The first Brazilian paper responsible for qualitatively and quantitatively analysing the socioenvironmental impacts involved in the production of the three most used fibres in the fashion industry: cotton, polyester, and viscose.

After so many years working with social issues, the report Fashion Threads brought up the environmental and climate issue within my organisation. We are designing a project to include environmental issues of production along with social issues. — executive director of a CSOOSC
I work at a weaving factory. We are only now starting to think of sustainability, but we didn’t really know where to start. The report brought to light possible paths for the company to act in that sense. — product manager at a textile company
We tried to bring the topic of sustainability to students, but we have always lacked reliable sources of information. The report Fashion Threads is this reliable source, as well as it is capable of encouraging many conversations about sustainability in the classroom. — fashion university professor

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Find out more about the socio-environmental impacts of the main fibres use in the fashion industries


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